Ugly Bitch With A Mustache (skit) Lyrics – Brokencyde

J, fuck you been dawg?
Yooo, waddup B?
I’m fuckn drunk, hahaha. I’m fuckn wasted. Yeah this girls fuckn buying me shots all fuckn night.
For real?
Got that Goose!
Sick dude.
Yeah she wants to fuckn smoke me out bro, she wants to fuckn party.
Well yo, fuckn, where’s she at dude?
There she is right there.
Oh that, that girl, that girl right there?
No no motherfuck, that girl, that girl right there.
Whoa damn that hot was one in the blue?
No what the fuck? No motherfucker, that girl homie.
No way, your kidding.
All I see is this ugly ass bitch with a mustache.
Hey shh shh be quiet be quiet.
Hey guys can I buy you some shots of goose?